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Performance, 15 min, 2018

For redemption hunters I searched for a man that resembled me. We tied our hair and my “Doppelgänger” dragged me across the floor along eight meters approximately.

The natural forces to which our bodies were subjected assumed a privileged role in this process. The weight, the pain and the friction involved in this action dictated the rhythm of the movement. This basis, tainted by the instinctive responses to pain in living bodies, articulated an atmosphere of tension addressing the inherent empathy that our bodies feel for other human beings.

At the end of the Performance I cut our hair using a blade. The hair and objects used were framed and preserved as relics.

Presented as a ritual of purification “Redemption hunters” is embedded in the subconscious christian morality of our western culture. Here, suffering is perceived as a coveted emotion, capable of enhancing the quality of our souls.

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