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Performance 10 min, 2013

Five women, at least 65 years old pushed a two-ton car along 500m in front of the most iconic building housing Mexico's Secretary of Finance. The car was manufactured by Daimler Chrysler, one of the multinational companies that pay less taxes in Mexico (About 3% that year).
In Mexico we often say; “this could only happen here, in Mexico” as we witness absurd or surreal events generated by disorder, inequality, or corruption. “Tax Reform” inserts itself in a City of 23 Million inhabitants, full of contrasts and chaos. The piece was inspired by the announcement of a series of structural reforms by the government of that time. It is a reflection on the sheer absurdity of tax reform that left the privileges of big enterprises untouched. It was a quest to explore the boundaries of absurdity and to challenge the limits of what could be deemed plausible within the context of my hometown.

Women are often the core of the Mexican families, grandmothers hold often families together and embody the moral authority of our communities. Men often disappear for a “couple days” or “go buy cigarretes” but those who stay, those you can trust are often women. Both Grandmothers I had the privilege to know embodied in my family a sense of unity, of essential stability and strength.

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